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Build an ideal environment to exchange feedback!

Performance management is a prime way to motivate learning and development within an organization. Paser is happy to support you in such an important process by providing capabilities to manage different types of performance management activities: one-to-one meetings, eNPS surveys, engagement surveys, and more.

Connect with each teammate__________

One-to-one meetings give you a great opportunity to build a trusted relationship with your team members. Schedule one-to-one meetings with your team members, define discussion topics, and leave meeting notes. Foster positive work relationships and engaged employees!

Creating a leave request has never been easier

Hear the voice of people who drive your business__________

Easily create surveys in Paser - just define the list of questions, their type, and invite employees to participate. See who has already completed the survey and who’s not and analyze the answers received.

Keep all gathered information within an employee profile__________

The history of all one-to-one meetings and surveys taken by an employee is available directly in their profile. You can easily retrieve the information needed, so no details will be missed with Paser.

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