Employee Management

Secure HR tool for your sensitive employee data

It is very important to keep employee data in a single place. This saves tons of time for data handling, search, study, and analysis. With Paser you will have all the information stored in a central repository within your reach.

Nicely organized and easily manageable employees data__________ 

Store all the necessary data in the employee profile - general information and contact details, employment data and location, applicable leave policies, personal calendars and much more. All the data in a single place so you significantly save your time on information search and update.

Employee leave balance at your fingertips__________

Easily access an up to date information about employee leave balance on any date. Paser ensures transparency of all the balance transactions so you can see the full information about all the accruals and write-offs. If needed, you can also make a manual balance adjustment.

Save time for both employees and HR managers__________

With Paser employees can access their own profile and update some information, check the leave balance, and request an absence or other service in just a few clicks. Moreover, they can also have limited access to the company staff list to find some information about colleagues (like contact details, department and position).

Simplify your work with user groups__________

Have a complex company structure? With Paser you can create different user groups not only to display the departments but also teams, specific user roles, etc. Use these groups when filtering, assigning access rights and tasks.

Keep your data safe with flexible access rights__________

Employee information is a very sensitive data for any company. Paser supports flexible access rights distribution, so you can define what information should be visible/editable for specific user roles and groups. Paser is designed to be an employee self-service application, but at the same time, you can control which information can be modified by the employee.

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