Leave Management

Enjoy digital leave management with Paser   

All the HR teams are tired of paper forms and spreadsheets used for absence tracking. We are here to help: just add your leave policies and let your employees digitally submit their leave requests. Paser will do all the calculations and reporting, so you have free time for a cup of coffee. 

Leave management

Flexible leave policies to meet every company needs__________

Manage different leave policies in Paser - vacations, days off, sick leaves, and others. Easily define policy validity period, accrual and write-off rules, days transfer rules, etc. Set up leave policies and working calendars for your company locations or even individually for department or employee.

Flexible leave policies to meet every company need
Creating a leave request has never been easier

Creating a leave request has never been easier__________

In just a few clicks you can submit an application and collect all the necessary approvals. Paser supports multilevel approval flows that can be easily adjusted to your company structure and needs.

Make right decisions with overlap hints__________

On a leave request, Paser will show any overlaps you have with your colleagues for the same dates. This simplifies communications and helps managers to make well-educated decisions.


Keep everyone in the know by using a company-wide leave calendar__________

Easily select a date range, department, or specific employee and enjoy a full overview of vacations, sick days, and other leave types.

Complete overview of your employees absences__________

Need to take a look at the current leave balance or a full year overview to see how vacation days are planned and used - easily! Paser Employee leave report can provide you with all the necessary data in a convenient form.


Eliminate the back and forth communications__________

Keep all your request related discussions, files, documents, and links in one place and forget about long email threads. Paser will also notify you via email or messenger about request status change or comments on your request.

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