Expense Management

Increase expense management process visibility

Expense requests, just like any other business-critical processes, require immediate attention because they drive the core functions of an organization. Expense request submission and reimbursement can be automated with Paser. That will optimize costs, increase consistency and manageability of finances in general.

Flexible and paperless expense approval process__________

Avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and paperwork, save time for expense approval and reimbursement. Create your expense claim in a few clicks and Paser will do all the rest - route your application and collect all the necessary approvals.

Efficiently manage expense related documents __________

Attach receipts and any other documents directly to your expense. This will significantly simplify the decision-making process for the approvers and decrease the number of back and forth communications. All the information - in one secure place!

Easily track expense request status__________

Once an expense is submitted you’ll be notified about any status change: approvals received and scheduled payment date. All the notifications will be sent to your email address or messenger depending on your preferences.

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