Seamlessly connect business users with the IT Department

IT use cases

System access

Let your employees receive the necessary access in a timely manner and in accordance with the company's security policy. Paser captures all the necessary data in a simple form, automatically routes system access requests to the correct approvers, and sends notifications.

IT onboarding

Make sure that every new employee is fully up and running when it comes to IT as soon as possible and according to the company standards. Define all the IT onboarding activities and their right order, who’s responsible and the deadline for each activity.

Maintenance request

Improve visibility of maintenance processes within your company. Paser helps you to control the whole process, simplifies interactions with all the parties involved and provides full visibility about maintenance current progress and deadlines.

Hardware & software request

Assigning hardware or software can be done in just a few clicks, creating company-wide visibility and efficiency. You control the whole process from the request to the asset’s delivery, through an automated workflow.

Key features

Bring order to your requests

With Paser you can turn internal chat and email interactions into organized requests that are easily managed, prioritized, and tracked. That’s what we call convenience at your fingertips!


Create an extraordinary employee experience

Deliver superior support to your employees by creating a centralized service catalog for them to submit, approve, and track different types of requests. We help you to build a team of happy and loyal employees.

Focus on what is important

Paser surfaces requests that require your reaction into the Inbox folder, so with this simple overview, you can stay on top of everything. We are focused on making it incredibly easy to plan and prioritize your activities.


Submit your request in one click with minimum data input

Request form contains only the essential information and can be enriched with additional data while going through the workflow. We make request submission fast and easy!

Save valuable time with automated workflows 

Often more than one person is involved in case/request approval. Keep it all going with our automated workflows and know exactly what you and your team have to act on to avoid bottlenecks.


Anything you do, a workflow can do… Easy! 

Workflow can generate different types of activities such as approval tasks, forms, and email notifications. The activity result drives a follow-up action and moves your request/case further. Spend less time asking and more time doing!

Steer through the process with concise forms 

With Paser you can compose request forms to match your company's needs and specific type of request. Design dynamic forms for each step of the workflow that only include relevant information and pre-fill known information to improve the user experience.


Collaborate and share on the spot

Eliminate the back and forth emails and messages in multiple chats. Keep all your request related discussions, files, documents and links in one place and forget about long email threads.

Stay in the know with automatic notifications

Get notified the moment a task is assigned to you or request changes status or someone leaves a comment to your request. No need to ask around - with Paser you’ll always know the status of your request.


Ever need to go hardcore?

Sometimes even the sharpest tool is not enough. But you can always export to old good Excel and do your magic there.